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Monday, January 05, 2015

A Scumble? A Scrumble? I Don't Know!

I kept seeing these amazing freeform crochet pieces on the Internet, and finally got out some yarn and tried it myself. 

I found a tutorial  here and messed around with that. It didn't turn out the way the picture did, but that's okay I like how it looks! If you remember, a couple of years ago my favorite book was "Knitting for Anarchists." I was intrigued by the idea of knitting bases on what the result looks like, as opposed to only following rules. I love intuitive painting, a la Flora Bowley, and I guess I love intuitive fiber work, too! I'll have to post a picture of the freeform quilt I'm making for Katie--

Anyhow, this has been very fun. My friend Karen said, "Beautiful! And what will it turn into, 
eventually?" Haha. Eventually it will probably be a throw, although I've seen amazing pieces
 of clothing made like this. I'm not sure I'm up to crocheting clothing ;)

If you've been doing any work like this, please please please leave a comment and a link, so 
I can go "ooh-ahh" over your stuff, too!

1 comment:

Lynn Cohen said...

These are colorful and fun! Keep going. Will you add other colors or just stick to one? Either way I like it. I love art like this that grows as you go and you have no idea what the end result will be until you are there.
I haven't crocheted in a while but oh my in the past, YES, and lots of wild and crazy pieces too. My latest fabric art was the three dolls I made for my grand daughter and gave her last week. An Allie doll (herself) a Papa doll (her grandpa) and a grandma doll (me). Check them out on my blog if you missed them. Enjoy your creativity!