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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

Can't believe it's 2015. I remember when my sister and I were little and we'd imagine how OLD we would be at the turn of the century--37 and 36, respectively, haha. And now I'm 51 and well, wow.

Katie and Jenny are huge "Back To The Future" fans, and Katie's big comment was that this is the year they have to invent hover boards!

Went to a New Year's Eve dinner at my friend Jacquie's last night. We've been friends since we met in MOMS Club when Jacquie was expecting Madison, who is now a senior. There are five of us moms who still hang out together, sometimes with our kids, but more often without now that they're more grownup. After Madison graduates, I'll be the only one left with a kid in high school...

Got some cool stuff at Jacquie's church bazaar in November, and Jacquie had set some cool stuff aside for me. There were a set of pictures that I told her I'd buy if no one ended up buying them. There are four, two large and two small, solid brass with CURVED glass! So today I worked on one of them, taking it from this

To this:

I used Looking Glass spray paint--the same stuff I used to make faux mercury glass--I haven't decided whether I'm going to age this 'mirror' or not. What do you think?


Rita said...

Hover boards are coming! LOL!
Not sure about antiquing the mirror. I've never done anything like that and it looks fabulous already. Wow! Quite a transformation.
2015. And so it begins... :)

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy new year dear friend ! When are we going to meet up? Is this the year? Your mirror pin is quite lovely!