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Monday, April 20, 2015

It Was a Most Excellent Day

Had my neighbor, Kathleen, over one day last week to look at my new work--mostly jewelry and my assemblage "Gilies" (more about those later).

She loved my stuff, and on Thursday I got an email from her at work--she's an interior designer, and she'd showed my Etsy site to the women she works with. They loved it, and she came over Friday morning to remind me again that they wanted her to bring some of my work in so they could see it in person and perhaps make some purchases.

So I spent a good part of Friday making sure things were priced. I took the stuff over to her house and thought about it a couple of times during the day on Saturday, wondering if I'd make any sales.

She came over after she got home from work on Saturday evening, and told me that she'd sold over $500 dollars worth of my merchandise!

Over. Five. Hundred. Dollars.

It truly was a most excellent day!

1 comment:

JKW said...

Amazing what you are doing with the old dolls. A creative way to bring the old/antique to Life. Blessings, Janet PPF