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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Work Area!

Made a new 'table' in the back room of the studio. The back room is mostly for storage, with lots of shelving units and a couple of file cabinets. There's a big sink in there, as well, and, until today, a brown table that held my paper cutter.

Today I took that table out and put in a new one that has storage underneath! It's 38" high, too, so I can stand and work at it. I'm sure it sounds dorky, but I'm so excited! I've been sorting through stuff out here for a while now (as opposed to actually making art), and I've made a real dent in reorganizing--and now I'll be able to spread things out more. Very cool. It doesn't take much to make me happy.


sukipoet said...

NOt much?? This seems a lot to me, to even have a back room that looks so nice. What's the front room like? I"m in a damp wet leaking room that is cold too so this studio looks fab to me.

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Anonymous said...

oh i can't wait to have my own studio space... how awsome yours is! i also want a tall table to work at , but only because i like standing and painting and because i'm 6'2" !

Sue said...

I'm stunned by the amount of space you have. Both inside and outside the house and studio.

One day I'll take some pictures of Mr. Nim's office... Honest to goodness you and my husband have a lot in common.

Besides the fact that I adore you both.