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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Faces

These are very similar to two of the self-portrait quilts. I will try to dig those out tonight, so I can post pictures tomorrow.

Neither of these are done, I don't think. Leaves? Seaweed? Words? I'm not sure.


Julie said...

I love them both!!! omg- fantastic!!

Janet said...

These are great! I especially like the larger one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Anonymous said...

Talk about an epiphany!? These are wonderful. They have much more character than the ones you were struggling with ...

Wait, do I see a Picasso-esque influence on the left? I hope he doesn't email and ask you to stop using his faces ...

Follow your instincts on whether they're done yet. The compositions are very bold and attractive as is, but I could see some of your trademark subtle texturization added also (with words or images or stamps ... oh, the options!)


tammy vitale said...

These are wonderful: the right piece is my favorite - the color, the design. Not that I don't like the left, I do - but the right - it really pops right out.

And if you must do something, I vote for words (but I'm prejudiced that way).

Elizabeth said...

Nice! Very nice.
I really like the one on the right with the red background, the colour is fantastic, and I'd say it is fine as it is.
The blue one on the left of the picture is great too, but not quite finished I'd say, it does 'pop out' like the red one yet... but still a good piece. I'd agree with Tammy about putting words in maybe?
Great work. E.