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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Half and Half Goat

Thought you all might like a good giggle tonight. Besides the two pygmy goats, we also have two Angora goats, which have long curly hair and look like poodle-y sheep. I wondered all along if the little brown goat was perhaps half Angora, and now I guess I'm sure. Leave it to me to have a goat that is LITERALLY half and half...


Janet said...

Oh, that little guy is so cute! My son used to have goats but his were pack goats....used for work.

Anonymous said...

This is one darn cute goat with a funky coat!

tammy vitale said...

oh how cute! and tiny! a poodle goat! aren't you lucky to have these sweeties around to make you smile - I'm smiling just looking at the still picture.

Mary S Hunt said...

Karen they are adorable!

Thankyou for visiting me as well.
I enjoy very much sharing your day to day.
You inspired me to try and share myself the same.

Now back to catching up

Elizabeth said...

cute, cute cute! I wish I had room to keep goats! How do you ever get any work done with these around?? E

Maybelline Jones said...

What do you do with your goats? Are they just pets or do you milk them or shear them or what?

Just curious.

Rosie said...

Awww...he's adorable! All of my girls from this last time are halvsies. Blinky had triplets and two were from one daddy and Vi-Vi was from another. It happens!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here...your page is really hard for me to load on my dial-up. Hugs!

EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

I *looove* goats -they're wonderful creatures. I must illustrate one pronto!

BTW, I've got a great story that you'll just shake your head at. My sister worked at Cedar Point Amusement Park (Sandusky, OH) in the petting farm years ago and a father was trying to tell his young son that they (pointing at the goats) were baby camels!!!

I hope Cedar Point now has See-N-Say pictures hanging on the barn wall!! Oh, am I dating myself?