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Friday, January 01, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

Happy New Year! I'm not officially actually in 2016 yet, but I'm jumping the gun a bit.

I remember the first year my mom and dad said my sister and I could stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve. We were maybe nine and ten, and had grand plans for all the things we would do in the hours leading up to midnight. I think we'd fallen asleep by ten p.m.. We woke up the next morning, so disappointed that we needed to wait another year to stay up late...

Fast forward to now. Fifty-two years old and I have virtually no desire to stay up till midnight, at least not unless there's a good reason. Working on an art project? Midnight's not a problem. Reading a good book? There's no bedtime. Talking to a friend? I'll stay up as long as I need to. But just to see the clock flip over to twelve o'clock? Not that into it...

I've signed up for an online class that starts in a week and a half. I'll post more about that in my next post.

Lots of other stuff going on in my life. I'm promising myself that I will post regularly this year. My bloggy friends were a big support for me for a long time--and then the computer in the studio croaked and I let life's busy-ness pull me away from it. That's going to change, even if I have to blog from my kindle in the evenings!

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