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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year's Resolution

I've run into too many people lately who have said, "You never post on your blog anymore!" (I'm looking at you, Dorothy!) so I'm promising myself that I will start posting on my blog AND commenting/visiting other people's blogs. I used to enjoy it so much, and for some reason I let it fall by the wayside...

But--my back is finally really feeling more normal (the six month mark seemed to be a really turning point after the surgery, FYI) and I'm going to have the girls bury a new ethernet cord for the studio (old one got run over by lawn mower) and I'm not going to let myself make excuses. I even can post from my phone!

I did not do the biggish art show that I normally do in October. I didn't think my back was up to it, and I probably was right. I did, however, do a Christmas Boutique on December 6-7 that was held here in Springville. Amazingly enough, I did very well there, selling both jewelry and paintings and making over $800 over two days! Plus I've had three more sales as follow-ups, which added another $100 to the total. So all in all a very productive December!

I've been trying to post the jewelry I had left over to my etsy shop. It's a long slow process, primarily because writing the description for each individual item takes so much time.

I'm including a picture of my front yard from this afternoon. Everything's very green--we've had some good doses of early rain. Need lots more snow in the mountains over the course of the next four months to make any kind of dent in our drought, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Rita said...

I'm glad your back is better. Sounds like it was a successful end to the year, too. Merry Christmas!! :)

Lynn Cohen said...

I'm so happy to see your blog post, to learn you are better since having back surgery, which I don't recall knowing about, to see you on my blog on Xmas eve no less! Hugs from me dear blog/ art friend! Congrats on your mega sales!!! Still love Natalie Goldberg! Thanks again.