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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Traveling Art Kit

Here's what I'm taking (so far ;).

Too many colored pencils that I won't use, glue stick, pencil, charcoal, black ink pens, blending stump, and a little pencil sharpener. I'm debating on taking my little palette of watercolors, but since it's a "Karen Creation" as opposed to a real watercolor palette, it has no top... But there will be THREE long evenings where Jenny and Richard will be watching tv, so maybe I'll just take the watercolors.

I'd love to hear what you take with you when you travel, and if you have some special way to transport it! (I just use a big purse :)


earthenmagic said...

...i've not had to think about a travel kit! ~ much less ~ doth i travel ~ however ~ your kit sounds way coOl! ~ enjoy your journey! ~ looking forward to see what you come back with! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

Lynn said...

I am one who travels a lot and takes art supplies with me where ever I go.
okay on day trips I just stick a drawing pad and two pens in my back pack and that's that. (My plan is to paint when I get home).

On long road trips I add my watercolors and brush(s), a water brush, and bottle of water and small container for water and a paper towel.

But truth be known, I also have a big six pocket canvas bag that is filled with almost every art supply I own and I also stick it in the car for long road trips (tubes of paint, more art pads of paper, more brushes, pencils, Tom Bows, sets of pens, crayons, sets of paints, but the crazy part is I rarely use most of it so the two pens and art pad and one set of watercolors is really enough.

There you have it from my experiences!

Happy creating on the road.

Rita said...

Sadly, being housebound I have no use for one but I love to see what people pack in their travel kits. I know I'd bring the watercolors, though. I always packed too much--LOL! :)