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Monday, July 30, 2012

My New Studio Assistant

Okay, so maybe you'll think this is kind of sillyalthough maybe not, since you read my blog. I saw these Monster High Dolls several months ago while I was shopping. I really liked this one--her name is Ghoulia Yelps--I liked her glasses and how she could bend her wrists and pose in different ways.

When I told my girls, they were sort of dismissive, but not Kelly! I told her I wanted to have Ghoulia sit on the shelf behind my computer in the studio, and Kelly said, "Why not?"

So this is Ghoulia. She hasn't made her way out to the studio yet, but she's been hanging out in the kitchen/diningroom where everyone can pose her. (Josie had lots of fun posing Ghoulia in fantastically twisty poses and then asking her mom and me, "Can you do THIS?")


Rita said...

LOL! I have never seen these dolls, but I am a "why not" person, too. I can see where she'd be fun to have around. :) :)

Giancarlo said...

Felice giornata a te...ciao

Lynn said...

She has such style!!! Have fun with her! She'll be your muse!