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Monday, April 16, 2012

TTL (Through the Lens) Photography

Finally got out my little Fuji E550 point and shoot and put in fresh batteries and brought it down to the studio. I wanted to have something to take pix of in-progress work, without having to take my phone off the stereo where it's usually playing music, and this camera is perfect.

Then I started taking pictures of everything, and then I remembered the old cameras that I had fixed up for TTL photography--dug them out, and here's a lovely picture of the grass outside my studio!

This is the contraption I made to prevent light leaks--What I'm actually doing here is taking a photo (using the macro setting on the point and shoot) of the image on the viewfinder of the old camera.

 There are filters and masks to make the same result using Photoshop, but this is fun because you gotta love the unpredictability of the results, as well as the distortion and dust from the old camera lens.


Libby Rodriguez said...

Hey Karen! Love the grasses and your new camera!!! ;)

Lynn Richards said...

Love the old camera. And what a great view out your window!
thanks so much for stopping by Blueskies!

Rita said...

Beautiful grasses! Nifty contraption, even if I don't understand what it does--LOL! ;)