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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Busy Week

Whew. Deep breath. This was a hectic week around here--we've had performances of the school musical the last three nights ("Cinderella's Glass Slipper"), which meant that the three nights before that were dress rehearsal nights. Jenny played Cleopatra, Cinderella's silly stepsister, and did a wonderful job. That girl has a streak of ham running through her--must have come from her dad! She is so comfortable on stage, and loves getting the laughs.

I painted the sets this year--it's my third year doing it, and it's so nice to be able to help out. We have a wonderful music director at our little K-8 school, and this play (with over a hundred hours of rehearsal) is done completely outside of school time. Several of the other teachers volunteer their time to be at the rehearsals, and all that time and dedication result in a very polished performance. I've had at least one kid in the play every year for the last seven years, and it's been a great experience for all of them.

Katie's been gone to San Francisco for three days with the Madrigal group from the high school. They've sung in several competitions and done some sightseeing in the city. They're on their way home now, and it'll be good to see her. I'm glad she's getting the opportunity to participate in such a terrific musical group (she also has an amazing musical director at the high school), but if I include the trip to Fresno for the Central California Honor Choir, and the trip to Pasadena for the State Honor Choir, she's had four choir trips this year. I miss her when she's not around!

Richard had to high tail it out of the musical as soon as it was over, since Prom is tonight for his high school. As principal, he has to be there--It's being held outside, and it's about 42 degrees outside right now. The facility has big tented areas, and I'm sure they'll have heaters going, but I'd hate to be all dressed up at a prom tonight! We've had approximately three inches of rain here in the last four days, and in a place where we only get THIRTEEN inches of rain PER YEAR, that makes for a very soggy ground. Cold and wet! Brrrrr...

Jenny and her sixth grade class leave on Monday morning for a week at the SCICON camp in the mountains. The name stands for SCIence and CONservation, and they'll be sleeping in cabins and doing lots of hiking. So she'll be gone all week! First time she'll have ever spent a chunk of time away from home--she's the homebody of my kids, so it'll be interesting to see how she likes it.

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time in the studio next week, since I won't have to be painting sets and Jenny will be gone. Whatever will I do? Hopefully lots and lots and lots of painting and drawing and sewing!

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Rita said...

Wow! Busy! Busy! Busy!
But nice busy. :)
How brave of Jenny. I am terrified of being in front of a group of people. Good for her! ;)