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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking a Class

I've started an online class with the wonderful Julie Prichard from The Land of Lost Luggage. I've worked through the first six lessons and I'll share pictures of my efforts here.

This is the first piece I did with Lesson 1. If you visit here regularly, you'll know I love collage. The 'new' part here was that after I tore the loose pieces away, I re-glued some of them down in new places. Love it! 

The best part of taking a class, I think, is that it forces me to try something a little different. This class is entitled "Act Natural" and the color palette is very muted. I love bright colors, but this pushes me in a slightly different direction.


Rita said...

It is good to do things to push yourself in new directions. Yay for you!! :)

Lynn said...

Have fun!