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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Busy Day

Spent the afternoon outside, pulling weeds and watching the chickens run around the front yard. The three little cats are interested in the chickens (I say little because they're the youngest of our five cats, but they aren't little and they're not young anymore--like many of us!) I'm not sure one of the cats could hurt one of the chickens, but I don't want to find out. We've had enough chicken tragedy during the Great Raccoon Debacle...

The chickens love it when I pull weeds. The little red hen (Lolla-Lee-Lou, named after the bird in the Dr. Seuss book) comes when I yell, "Worm!" The two big black hens, Olga and Helga, will learn to do the same--maybe. Chickens are not high on the intelligence list... Although they are charming and fun to watch.


Rita said...

The black hens certainly do look lovely. I kind of doubt the cats could do much to a sizable chicken, but--then again--the hens aren't high on the intelligence list and if a cat was hungry enough... I love cats dearly, but I also don't totally trust them--LOL!

Lynn said...

Those are big fat hens!!! Do you get lots of eggs?