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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, This Was Fun Fun Fun

Over at Misty Mawn's wonderful blog, she and a bunch of participants are doing a daily journal page for the month of January. This week (last week? I get confused...) the theme was to 'copy' pieces from some favorite artists.

I decided I'd let fate have a hand, and the first two I chose by flipping an art book open and painting whatever was there--One was a hazy landscape, which I haven't finished, and the other is the first piece below, which was painted using Max Beckmann's "Seated Women by Water" as inspiration.

One of the things I really want to work on in my paintings is being looser and less perfection oriented, and by working on watercolor (journal) paper and by working from another painting, I seem to have made progress! It was just so fun--Just smooshing paint around, painting over what I didn't like, refining what I did...Looking at the original every once in awhile to check colors...

The second one here is copied from one of Marc Chagall's paintings, "Le Repos". I love his work, love all the fantastic things he includes, all the symbolism, all the color... The only deliberate change I made was that my critter is a goat, his was a cow, and my goat is staring at the woman intently. We all know why...

This whole exercise was great fun. Cannot emphasize that enough!


Lynn said...

Oh I recognized the Chagall right away...and the goat is probably in some of his paintings. I saw an exhibit of his this past summer in the Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Just wonderful. And funny. (The Yiddish theater in Russia exhibit was so intereting too.

I am glad you are letting go and being more free. It is wonderful! goGogo!!!

Did I tell you I am going to Art and Soul (three weekend days) in October in Portland?

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I recognized Chagall too. Well done!

KellyJ said...

... and I definitely recognize the goat (there's a reason people think they're evil, you know) ...

Thought the back figure in "Seated Women" looked a bit like Katie, only stylized ... who does that make the foreground figure? Joel after an all night study session (LOL)

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Anonymous said...

Well, fun is what counts. That's what people keep telling me, anyway. :) I love these pieces inspired by the masters.

Anonymous said...


Don't tell anyone it is "inspired by the masters" tell them it is a bad dream come true.

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Quit posting your junk online and go take care of your kids. If they look like you they might need some extra TLC. Mean, but your artwork sucks and I am so tired of you thinking that it doesn't.