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Thursday, December 03, 2009

So Much Going On!

Things have been hopping around here! Last Friday afternoon, my dad came for a kind of spur-of-the-moment visit all the way from Michigan! He's 83, and lost his hearing completely several years ago (his hearing had never been even close to good, as he's been legally deaf my entire life)--he hasn't been here since then (I think he thought he'd be a bother), and are we ever glad to have him! He has a white board that we can write on, and he can talk just fine (which, as my children have pointed out, is really the only important thing, since Papa tells the greatest stories...) Jenny said it best last year when we were trying to get him to come for a visit: "I don't care if he can hear me--I just want to love him."

So, big thanks to my sister, who not only convinced him to come for an extended stay, but also accompanied him to Phoenix and got him on the airplane to Bakersfield before turning around and heading back to Michigan herself. It certainly made for a long day for her, and we all appreciate it.

Last Friday night, we went to see Joel's football team win their second playoff game--having won the first playoff game in the school's one-hundred years of football history the week before! My dad went to the game and got to watch Joel play, which made for an even more special win. Tomorrow night we'll be heading into the mountains to Tehachapi (brrr!) for the Valley Semifinals.

Katie's season on the Freshman Basketball team has also started, and we all went to her first game the other night. She's home sick today, so she and my dad are sitting watching CNN and playing cards together.

I'm making a commitment to myself to really work on the business side of my art during this coming year. I need to move some of these canvases I've got stacked up and start earning an income--The talented and Knowledgeable Tammy Vitale is going to 'coach' me after the new year.

Of course, I'm always looking for ideas and help--the first assignment that Tammy gave me was to think about a number--a goal for my earnings in 2010. I told her, the first thought that came into my head was "Oh, well I can't pick a BIG number!" And then I thought, "Why can't I pick a BIG number? Who would I possibly offend with my presumptuous-ness?"

So I'm thinking, planning, and goal-setting...


Janet said...

Go ahead and pick a BIG number! Who knows, you might make it. Good luck on your venture.

Sounds as if you had a great visit with your dad. Maybe now he'll come back again.

tammy vitale said...

Go ahead and pick a number you can believe in.

Now add $25,000.

And if you want it, it's yours. (note I did not say it would be easy, I said if you want it. =])

Lynn said...

I have tears in my eyes of joy for your father and you and the kids! Kudos to your sister for flying with him part way. Sweet!
Enjoy the time together, know you will. This is so precious.

Tammy is right. When I started my counseling business I thought about the amount I wanted to earn a month and I visualized it strongly. Then I set out to make it happen! I did!!!! I upped it a bit later and reached that goal too. Now as I am older I am cutting back, which leaves more time for art! It all worked out...don't be afraid to dream and then go make the dreams happen!
I firmly believe that if you can imagine it you can make it happen, you can be it, do it, learn it, become it!

Lynn said...

PS I hope you will share some of Tammy's for selling our art.

kikipotamus said...

Oh, that is so nice that your dad came! That daughter of yours says the wisest things sometimes.

chetcsturgil said...


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