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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Great Meals On The Central Coast

Not that many of you will be on the Central Coast in California, but if you are--I've got some dining recommendations for you.

My favorite place to eat is the Sea Shanty in Cayucos. I always order the same thing: the crab melt. (I've taken to calling it a 'crabby patty' a la SpongeBob Squarepants, but I digress). It's an English muffin, sliced, piled high with crab salad, tomato, and cheese, then toasted. Yum. Words cannot possibly do it justice. It is served with big crispy home fries, and I always have a cup of clam chowder, too. Did I say yum? I should have taken a picture, as it looks almost as lovely as it tastes, but alas, I did not have my camera with me. The Sea Shanty is located on the ocean side of the main street in Cayucos, which is just a few minutes north of Morro Bay.

The second meal we had was also totally delicious. We ate at Tognazzini's on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. They will make your fish and chips grilled, rather than deep-fried, if you so request (maybe lots of places will do this and I'm just clueless, I don't know.) For $9.95 I was served three large pieces of grilled fish and a huge pile of crispy fries. The clam chowder there was delicious, but the star of the afternoon was Jenny's meal: A quesadilla filled with cheese and buttery fish, shrimp, and scallops. Jenny took one bite and said, "Oh, this is the best food I have ever had." And it was amazing, though probably not totally healthy, considering all the butter--but oh my! Not to mention that 50-lb. nine year olds can eat whatever they want, especially on vacation!

So there you are. My dining recommendations!

Did I say yum?


Maddy said...

Geez. I am just ploughing through my exploding google reader. I had just decided to give up and wipe the lot. So glad I didn't! At least that gives me inspiration to kick my butt into gear and make headway with supper for the starving masses.

p.s. I am ever so gradually and painstakingly updating my hideous wordpress manual blogroll!

Lynn said...

Wow, that crab san really does sound did Jen's meal of scallops and shrimp. Funny that you nix the butter but not the fries! LOL
Love the name of the place too, as Shanty Songs are my DHs speciality.
Just looked YOU up on the map. We never go down south, but perhaps we ought to...hummmmmmmmmm.

susan buchanan said...

i'm going to cayucos for a week in october....i know what i'm having at the sea shanty!i do my art in the garage also so thanks for the storage help and easel.