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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Vacation

I'm a bad blogger, dropping out of sight without any plan in mind--but summer can be busy around here. We went to the beach for a few days while Joel had a baseball tournament, so I'll share some pictures...

The tournament was in Paso Robles. Here's a picture of the field before the first game. I'm not allowed to take pictures of Joel, as he says it 'makes him nervous,' but I managed to get a shot of the field, mainly to send to my sister and dad back in Michigan. Funny thing about this tournament? The first team we played was the high school where Richard is principal, so two teams from Porterville drove all the way to Paso Robles to play each other!
Two days before we left for the beach, Katie got her braces put on. I never had braces, so have no idea how they feel, but I do know that when your teeth hurt you just don't feel good. This picture is of Katie on the way home from the orthodontist:This second one is two days (and very little sleep) later:
The worst part for me (besides having to listen to her cry herself to sleep the night in the hotel room) was watching her not be able to eat when we went out. We had two fantastic meals (review to come, I promise!) and she couldn't chew. Poor thing.

And of course there's Miss Jenny, who boogie boarded and played in the sand and just adores being at the beach and eating seafood. She not only had me cover her up in sand, but then gave herself a belly button!

Joel stayed with one of the other boy's family, who were camping in Morro Bay, so he had an awesome time, besides playing four games in three days ("You just have to love the game, Mom.") Richard and the girls and I stayed in Cayucos, a small beach town up the coast where Richard used to go when he was a kid.

And I had all sorts of good intentions of sketching and taking lots of pictures with the good camera, and of course I didn't do nearly as much as I'd planned...I'll leave you of these three shots of my Jenny at the beach.


Olivia said...

Katie is still very beautiful with braces, and she will wear them for such a short time and then have lovely straight teeth.

I wore braces twice---in jr high and then high school---since they botched the job the first time. I had the old-fashioned kind with rubber bands attached from my upper to my lower jaw. I looked terrible (unlike Katie) but am still very glad I went through a few years of discomfort (actually many years, lots of discomfort).

She will not be sorry, xo, O

Kikipotamus said...

This sure brings back memories. We used to go to the central California coast when I was a child. My favourite thing was to build a sand castle then put sand crabs in it for the princes and princesses.