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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Homemade Drying Rack for Paintings

Here's a picture of the drying rack I made for my paintings. I made it using those wire cubicle sets that Target sells. The 'shelves' are held together with zip ties. Previously I'd had this sitting under my desk in the front room, but now that I'm working on larger pieces and more in the back room, I reconfigured it and moved it.

Now that I'm looking at the pieces I have left over, I'm thinking you could also construct an easel out of these... Hmmm.


The Paris Salon said...

great idea!!! Thank you thank you thank you...I'm reorganizing my studio and need a way to store my canvases, this will be perfect :)
Your paintings are beautiful, it's always a treat to visit with you.

Anonymous said...

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