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Friday, June 05, 2009

What I've Been Doing: Laminate Flooring in the Studio

Inspired by my success in laying laminate flooring in Katie's room, I decided to put laminate flooring down in the studio, as well. I've had the boxes of flooring stacked in the garage for almost two years now, always see-sawing back and forth about whether I should try to lay it myself or hire Walt, the wood wizard who built my studio.

I finished yesterday, and am so impressed with it. I'm happy happy happy that I didn't ruin it, although I still have lots of organizing to do. The original plan called for hiring Joel and his buddy to help me move everything out of the studio, but that just seemed like an impossible task, so I shifted things around a half-room at a time. Not the ideal situation, but given the weird weather we've had here in the last week, it was a good decision.

I will say that I miss my old red painted floor--loved the jolt of color it gave!--but I just couldn't keep it clean/get it clean. The laminate will be easy to care for.


Mar said...

and if the laminated surface doesn't hold up as they 'say' you can paint IT!
you did a great job!

Olivia said...

Looks very nice Karen! Can't believe you did all of that yourself---wow! Blessings and love, O

Paula said...


I don't suppose there is any chance I could persuade you to come over and put down new flooring in my house?????? We (hub and I) spend the better part of the morning using the old and the new carpet cleaners to clean the carpet in my 1,000 square foot house. Yes, the new one worked for maybe 20 minutes....we never could figure out why it stopped squirting out the water, but it sucked great so we used the old machine to squirt it out and the new machine to suck it up. I had a couple of temper tantrums and wanted to seriously hurt someone at a couple of points.....long story short.....I WANT LAMINATE FLOORS !!!

You did a really great job.

KellyJ said...

I wish I had half of the drive and confidence that you have, Karen. The laminate flooring was only waiting until you were ready to tackle it. The studio looks fantastic! And so did Katie's room, too.