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Friday, June 12, 2009

Image Selection and Placement

When creating a collage, where you place something is as important as what you're placing.

As an example, I'm going to share my morning's conundrum regarding placement of the words on today's collage for the day. In this first image, below, I've placed the words 'I thought you'd gone'. I have one more word cut out: 'away'. But I stopped here and thought, hmmm. Do I want this word or not? Then the question became 'and if I do want it, where should it go?'

For me, these three choices are significantly different from each other. Can you see the difference? Rather than an aesthetic difference, to me it seems a difference of tone, as well as message.

I still haven't decided where the word will go, by the way! Today, we're off to watch Joel's team play in a baseball tournament about 45 minutes away--one game today, two games tomorrow, and one game Sunday. Not too hot out, so I'm really looking forward to it.

A P.S.--After getting the chance to look at these three all together up on the blog, I realize there's a fourth choice: to place the word 'away' at the bottom, but lined up with the other words. That may be the best choice. (Just goes to show you how valuable a scanner and editing program can be--you can create virtual images of possibilities, compare them, and then choose! Ah, the joy of technology.) I was going to say I'll take some pix of Joel at baseball, but I'm not allowed to photograph him while he's playing, his rule. He says it bothers him. So no more technology for me, today! Have a great day.


trish said...

For some reason I see the away at the bottom, but to the left of the bird....can't wait to see where it ends up;)

Olivia said...

Yes, yes, all three seem very different! Isn't that funny? I like the last one, or trish's solution the best :) xo, O

Poetic Artist said...

I seem to like the first one. We all have our opinions..LOL. Either one will be perfect for you.

Lynn said...

I hope your son hits lots of home runs...and his team wins!!!

You, I know will find a solution that feels right for you. Another great collage!

Paula said...

I like "away" apart from the rest of of phrase, but maybe not all the way at the bottom.

That raven is so cool. Where did you get it?????????? I want one.

Kate said...

I like this post its such a great exercise for all of us to see. I like the last one. Curious to see what you end up with.


Jennifer said...

LOVE the collage! I am liking the last one the best, too. There is something nice about having the "away" off center from the rest of the words. It has a double meaning that way and creates visual interest (to me anyway)

Will be very curious to see the final product. Hope you post it.

Sally said...

No away is really needed. Of course that is my opinion and we all have them. Isn't art wonderful?

Ophelia said...

I found your blog and love your work!! Will check back often!