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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Collage No. 27

Mixed media collage, 4" x 6" on 190 lb. watercolor paper

I'm going to have to make some type of schedule for myself--I need to treat coming out to the studio more like a job, otherwise I won't get anything done. Summer is contagious, and if I hang out with the kids too much, I'll catch it...

Actually Joel's hardly been here--school ended Friday, Saturday he played five games in a football passing tourney, Sunday he played a baseball doubleheader, and he's had both football and baseball practice every day. (Tonight at 6 p.m. he goes for his third practice of the day!)

Jenny's just cruising, enjoying herself, but Katie wants something to do--"What are the symptoms of cabin fever, Mom? Because I think I've got it!"

Some tutorials coming up--one on Photoshop, and one on Image Transfers--stay tuned!


Janet said...

I remember those days when my kids were out of school and bored!

I like this collage....those little kids look a little sad.

Janet said...

Oops, forgot to say I'm looking forward to your tutorials. You always have good ones.