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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frustration and Some Spring Cleaning

Hubby and the kids have been off all week on Spring vacation. I haven't gotten much accomplished in the studio, but have we ever been busy with spring cleaning! Two and a half acres gets pretty shaggy looking over the rainy season, even with the goats munching away out in the pasture, so Richard mowed and mowed and mowed some more. We chopped up two huge oak branches that fell, we made a dump run with all the crap from the barn and the shed and around the property, Katie got her room emptied out so I could start laying her new laminate flooring...

and the frustration? I broke my bathtub.

I tried to replace the whole drain/overflow thingie, and broke pieces and got new pieces and dismantled the whole pipeworks behind/below the tub, EXCEPT FOR ONE CONNECTION. If I could unscrew one little ***ing piece, I actually could fix the whole thing and feel all self-sufficient and proud of myself. But I haven't managed to do it yet, even with the extra big chunk of drywall I knocked out of the bottom of my linen closet in the hopes I could get better leverage (Richard took one look at it and said, "Oh, wow," and walked away. Quickly.)

Meanwhile, if one more child walks past and says, "I told you that you should have just called a plumber," I am not responsible for my actions.

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kikipotamus said...

Well, even if you don't manage to fix it, you are my hero for even trying!

Poetic Dreams said...

To even attempt to do yaself I bow down to ya! I'm the one who fixes things in our home. Hubby was raised to toss things and get a new one. My father raised us to fix them. lol
I wish ya luck and will say a prayer the piece unscrews itself the next time ya try. Big Hugs~

Lynn said...

You are simply amazing. Good luck on the fixing part and not killing the kids part too. I hope they are hiding far away as you work on this huge task.

Janet said...

You are a brave woman to tackle plumbing! Even my hubby hates to do anything having to do with it.