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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Warm Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Family

Bloggers, meet Sugar, Jenny's new guinea pig! She was born exactly one week ago today, and she's just the sweetest thing ever, which isn't surprising, considering how friendly and cuddly her parents are.

Jenny got her first guinea pig, Pumpkin, last June from her teacher. This fall we got another piggy from Miss Linda, so that Pumpkin would have a friend. Guinea pigs are herd animals, so they really are happier with a friend--honest, this wasn't just Jenny trying to snow me. We asked for another boy, so we wouldn't have the issue of reproduction to deal with--but as soon as we put Patch in the cage with Pumpkin--well, let's just say that there was some, uh, action. Jenny said, "Mom, do you think maybe Patch is a girl?" Later that first afternoon, I kept hearing Jen saying, "Pumpkin, stop that! Pumpkin, behave!" Obviously, Patch was indeed a girl, and last Monday morning when we checked the piggies, there was Sugar. This picture was taken when she was approximately 4 hours old--guinea pigs are born with teeth and fur, ready to run around and play.

Here's a picture of Patch and her new baby, Sugar, taken that first morning...

Don't want to leave Pumpkin out--here's a picture of the proud daddy...

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Katie said...

Sugar is a boy.