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Monday, January 12, 2009

One Other Thing--

And then I'm going to start scanning and painting, I promise!

Got a call last Tuesday from the gallery where I have my pieces--it's closing at the end of this month, and she wanted to make sure I came at some point to pick up my canvases. (Oh, and by the way, Karen, you were right, I did have seven canvases, not three--I found four more in storage!)

Next day, she called again, to tell me that someone had just come into the gallery and bought five of the seven pieces.


Went in on Thursday to pick up my money from her (And you'd better come now, Karen, while I have the cash, because I don't know how long I'll hang onto this money! Sorry I can't pay you for the two pieces I sold last fall, Karen, but I'm really strapped right now. But you know I'll get the money to you, right?)

Question: The gallery owner had originally said she'd give me the names/addresses of the people who bought my pieces, but now says that would be a breach of confidence--any comments or advice on that one? I feel as though she's acting as my agent, and the people bought the paintings from ME, but she doesn't seem to want to budge...


differenceayearmakes said...

There is absolutely no reason why she can't tell you who purchased your paintings - after all they bought your work, not hers. If she refuses to tell you something is definately fishy. I've heard so many terrible stories about artists experiences with galleries. And she should pay you for every piece she has sold but if she doesn't getting paid for the majority is better then some stories I've heard. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to continue to do business with her.


First of all I agree wholeheartedly with "difference" - they are your customers, not hers, you should get, etc.!!

Secondly - my goodness I love your work. These black images on the pink backgrounds are terrific. I've just started following your site and enjoy your images very much.

tammy vitale said...

Hi - Haven't been around to visit in a while...if she said she'd share, she should share. You won't be in competition since she's closing - the usual reason galleries won't share is fear of backdoor sales and they get cut out. Do you have a contract with her? Your post lists just about all the reasons why I don't like doing consignment sales!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

No wonder her place is closing up. How horrible not to pay you and not to tell you who the sales were too. Thats like stealing from you. I once had my paintings with some one who placed them around in different places like restuarants and windows and I did go see them but I just had this gut feeling to go get them and he wasnt to happy but I got them. Not long after I heard his place was locked up due to non payment of Studio and so were all the others paintings. I don't know if they got them back but it's made me very leary now.

Jamie Lees said...

Do you think she sold them for more than she is paying you? Possibly this is why she doesn't want to give you their names.

Something is very fishy. I would demand that she tell you their names.


kikipotamus said...

I understand privacy concerns. All she has to do is get their permission to give you their names. Ask her to get the permission and then keep to her original promise.

4roomsandthemoon said...

I agree with Jamie Lees - I think she made more money on your work than she is telling you...and that's the reason she doesn't want you to know who she sold them to. Not nice at all.