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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Baaaaa-aack!

I've been putting this off for a couple of weeks now, feeling like I do in dreams sometimes, where I've not done my homework for the longest time and now it's time for the test... I just haven't been out in the studio much over the last month--kids starting basketball practices, working on the wedding photos I did last month, reading the Twilight books (and if you haven't read them yet, you absolutely must. I cannot emphasize enough how great these books are. Let me know when you read them--I'm interested to hear what you all think.

So today I'm out in the studio, paints ready to go--but again, to put it off, I started working on the stairs down to my studio--remember when I worked on them last spring? Well last week I was lucky enough to get a load of broken concrete pieces from my friends Geri and Nancy, so I'm paving the steps.


Olivia said...

Holy cow, Karen, you are STRONG!!

I didn't read the Twilight books in part because I thought they were poorly written; did that bother you or did the story (or something) take over? I want to know what would make them appealing to us to women of a certain age (mature women) it just a great story?

Welcome back, O

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Nice find for your steps.
Dont worry about the creative dry spell right now. Soon it will come back. Sometimes I think we need to stand back from it for awhile and then refreshed we go back full force.
Never heard of the Twilight books. Sorry.

Mar said...

your step way is terrificaly appealing!!

i haven't heard of the twilight books either?

but i'll look for them

right now i am in the south reading Rhett's People
so far it is fine...i am not sure it will be a "Gone with the Wind"
but we will see.

Lynn said...

Well, welcome BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK...I missed you here.

Your steps look terrific, can't wait to see them done. You are amazing!

Twilight looks like a modern teenaged superman story/good vs evil???? Never heard of it before you brought it to my attention. Shall have to ask my 16 yr old grand daughter what she knows about it. Fun to get caught up in something magical like this.

I'm sure your head is full of art just waiting to pour out onto the canvas.

Olivia said...

Happy Holidays, Karen. I ended up reading Twilight after all on your recommendation...the writing style had just SO turned me off when I had sampled chapters online. But it was a great story and I enjoyed reading it and now (yes!) I'm actually reading New Moon since I've had the flu and had lots of time when I was fit for nothing but escapism...this series is wonderful for that! Very enjoyable. Thank you, Karen, Love, O