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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Big Draw: Day Three

Busy day today, as Katie has an away volleyball game at one o'clock and then Joel has an away football game at 5:15. Jenny's spending the night at a friend's house, so she's taken care of. Joel doesn't usually want me to go to his games (he says I make him nervous, although I SWEAR: I AM THE QUIETEST PARENT IN THE STANDS. He says it doesn't matter that I'm quiet, it's just that he knows I'm watching him. Well, duh. Get over it, Joel.)

I've been grumping a little bit around here about the fact that I have to make FIFTY sandwiches for the JV kids to eat--I don't mind making the sandwiches, not at all, but there are five away games and fifty kids--I just think the work and expense could be spread out a little bit. I think what tipped me over the edge is when I saw the Varsity team arrive in a charter bus, while JV moms are making sandwiches to feed the JV kids after their game. I shouldn't complain about any of this, but it's been on my mind. Sports in America has gone astray, sadly enough. It's like the 'everybody gets a trophy' phenomenon... But, back to art.

So this sketch is from a character in one of Hieronymous Bosch's paintings. I love the kind of Frankenstein-y quality of some of his subjects, all the more fascinating because Bosch lived from 1450 to 1516.

I may watercolor over this, or use colored pencils (inspired by my fellow sketchers!). I may even try to create some weird critters myself, we'll see.


Lynn said...

This is a wonderful weird critter and so well done. I love seeing you doing some new things.

Kids! What more can I say?

Do I have your email already? going to look.

sukipoet said...

marvelous drawing Karen. Fanciful. Well. Bosch. show again in color if you do that.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to look Bosch up - wonderful drawing. Your drawings always come out with such clarity.

BelleEnchanted said...

This is so beautiful, Karen, very whimsical, and polished.

Mim said...

These characters are wonderful, I love your sketches!