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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Big Draw Day 4

Not happy with this--tried to rush. And remember, drawing is seeing, and seeing takes time...

Yummy vegetable soup tonight for dinner--had it simmering on the stove all afternoon--and it rained today, for the first time since May--!!! Big smiley face.


sukipoet said...

I like the drawing of camera very much. The simple lines. Very clear. Veggie soup sounds good.

Lynn said...

I think I can smell the soup...waiting for fall to fall here.
The camera looks GOOD to me! I think you saw, but perhaps you'd see more if you looked longer?
Today I discovered one more of your gal cards in my messy table mess..."I will wait for you forever"...perhaps I already saw her, but I forgot her and now she can make it to the wall too with the others. It's fun to SEE further!

Anonymous said...

I like seeing the things in your environment that you draw, like the camera. Neat!