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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Present for Myself

For almost four years now I've been saving my money to buy a wide-format printer. I love love love my Epson printers, so I was fairly focused on buying an Epson. Recently I saw that Epson had a refurbished Epson 3800 professional printer on their website, and I decided to go for it.

The printer will print on art paper/heavyweight stock up to SEVENTEEN INCHES WIDE!!!! It uses archival Epson pigment inks, and I will be able to print my own prints to sell. I am very excited--setting it up right now, and hoping I can get all the bugs out of the color management, etc. by tomorrow.


Lynn said...

How cool is this, Karen. I do hope the price of the equipment and inks and paper still allow you to make a profit on your beautiful art.

I fear I have wreaked my Epson by pulling a paper jam out the front.
I am so bad about that rule.
shame on me. Bad, bad, girl.

Have fun with your new toy! And don't pull paper out the front if jammed.

PhotoDoc said...

It's a great printer! You won't be disappointed.

Maddy said...

Now I'm just jealous. We're on the edge of buying a new one but it has to fit in a teeny tiny space - rats!

p.s.come pick up your award dearie

Nicole said...

It's funny you mention this, because I have just been thinking about buying an Epson large format, too--My printer is causing way too many woes these days! :-) Let us know how it goes. :-)