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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Happy Ending

Well, Dinah's back home where she belongs! After four weeks loose in Porterville, we got a call the other day from a woman who thought maybe she had our dog. She said, "Can you describe her?" and I said, "She's a big yellow-brown dog, solid muscle, jumps tall buildings with a single bound, and is a sweetheart in the house." The woman said, "Does she like water? Like sprinklers and hoses?" and I said, "Yes. Loves them."

Magic words: "I think I have your dog."

We went and picked her up as soon as Richard got home from work. She was glad to see us--that particular family had found her the week before walking down Main Street, dehydrated and really dragging. They knew she belonged to someone because she was so sweet, and took her home.

We offered to pay a reward to the woman, and she said, "Just pay it forward."

We will.


Olivia said...

The BEST news, Karen! I'm SO glad to hear it!! Hip hip hooray, O

Kim H. said...

OMG Karen, I am cry! I am so so HAPPY to hear that Dinah is back home! I have being praying each night for her to return! SMILE

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! I'm SO happy to hear you have your dog back. I've been worried about it....and we don't actually know each other. I just know how terrible I would feel, I lost a cat once and I searched and searched and searched, and finally got a call from someone miles away, who actually did find my cat. I remember how happy I was. Happy, happy

Lynn said...

Oh Karen I am so happy for your family including Dinah, who has to be overjoyed to be safe at home again. I bet it's a while before she tries roaming far again. I have tears in my eyes reading this.
Can just imagine the kids joy, yours too, oh just happy , oh so happy for you all. Hugs. Bless that woman for picking him up.

Jessie said...

oh my gosh, you must have been worried sick! i am so glad that she is back home where she belongs. she looks very, very happy to be there.

Leah said...

yay!! i'm so glad dinah is back home with you safe and sound!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww very nice. My daughter is pre-vet and it is a rarity to find people willing to make sure a dog gets to it's rightful owner.