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Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Sketches

I recently found my Rapidograph technical pens. I filled them up with India ink, and voila! I have always loved these pens--the precision and delicacy of the lines they create. I had a set in college, but don't know whatever happened to those--they're probably in a box in the garage attic--

At the time I loved them because I could put white ink in them and write on dark colored paper. This was in the Dark Ages, of course, before gel pens and such.

I need to do some art today--take the new camera out for a walk, or work on some new paintings. I thought about coming out to the studio last night and working out here while everyone else was sleeping, but I was worried that I wouldn't function today. I do wish I was one of those night owl people!


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Maddy said...

I like the micro tipped pens [but I don't think I'd have a steady enough hand or a sharp enough eye to refill one!]