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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yet Another Goat Story...(and you thought there were no more!)

(See illustration above)

Besides the two little boy goats (that just had their first birthday!) we also have two Angora goats. They have long curly hair (wool, actually, I guess) that has to be trimmed twice a year. Someone from the local 4H has to come with the special POWER clippers to shear them, and since the local fair only just ended, they haven't come yet.

The result? Both Rosie and Bill (Roseblossom and Bill Whickers) look like giant dustmops right now.

So earlier this afternoon Katie's down in the studio working on a project and I run down to tell her that there's a phone call for her, and our neighbor says "Hey!" over the fence at me. I turn around, and he says "I think you better go check on that goat in the pasture! She's been laying down for a real long time." (Did I mention that his favorite Christmas present EVER was a pair of super-high-powered binoculars two years ago? ahem.)

So Katie and I go out to the pasture. We can see Rosie lying like a collapsed dust mop in the shade on one side of the barn. Katie says, "Do you think she's dead?" and I say, "Probably, since that's what seems to happen at the Smithey house."

But--hooray!--Rosie's not dead, just tipped over. It's like that commercial from a long time ago--you know, "Help! I've fallen and I caaaaaan't gehhhhhht uhhhhhp."

Apparently she got into a stand of thistles behind the barn, which wound themselves into her fur/hair/wool/whatever, and the thistle seed heads were so big that the pair of legs that weren't on the ground, were sticking straight up in the air (well, almost. See lovely illustration above). She had no leverage.

Neighbor's wife and Katie and Jenny and I end up standing out there in the pasture for an hour and a half, clipping Rosie with scissors. And that's a mighty s-l-o-w way to clip a big goat. I went out today and finished her up. I tried to work on Bill, but his horns are over a foot long, and he didn't want me messing with him. He has other parts that are more than a foot long, and he didn't want me messing with them, either.

Someone big and strong and unafraid of Bill's various assorted large parts will come with the clippers, hopefully tomorrow. If not, Richard and I can always do it ourselves with scissors. Yeah. Right.


ByJane said...

hey hey hey--returning the visit. and I'm glad I did, because we have tons and tons and tons in common. Well, at least in my mind we do. I've got a new venture going, barely started, called ArteAgain. When there's more to say, I'll tell you about it.

Lynn said...

Oh my, goat troubles again. Never a dull moment in your pastures.
I hope there are no more toppled goats or stuck goats, but they do make for cute pictures and fun stories to brighten the day.
Glad no people tumbled and hurt themselves this time. Wonder what else those nosey neighbors see with their binocs?

Anonymous said...

Poor thing, good thing the neighbor was keeping watch I guess.

My neighbor has goats as pets. The little ones are really cute, pygmy goats I think - but the billy goat is not so nice, and he's larger, a nubian my husband says, with sturdy pointy horns that hurt - believe me I know. They used to find their way into our yard and didn't want to leave, or us to be in the yard. They also got out a few times into the street when the neighbor wasn't home, and while the little cute ones were fine for the neighborhood children to play with, not so the billy. Someone called the sheriff who sent someone to catch the goats and put them back - it was so funny hearing the deputy yelling in obvious panic from the other side of the neighbors fence "Open the gate! Open the gate!". I'm sure the billy made in clear he wasn't happy about being back in the yard.

I'm glad your goat is now up and around.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rosie's okay. :)

Maybelline Jones said...

You're farm animal stories take the cake! Makes me wish I had a little funny farm of my own.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Karen, today I take some time off from runnning around like a wild goat :) and visit all my blogfriends, and what do I find, this wonderful story about your goat Rosie:) I just love goats and in my next life I'll chose to live like you:) What a full life you have, (must sometimes be difficult too) thanks for sharing it with us:)
I'm so glad that Rosie was only tipped over and nothing else, and I laugh about BILL not wanting to be messed with,
have a wonderful weekend,