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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday in the Studio

Had fun yesterday making a new journal. Based this on Teesha Moore's directions at her website HERE. Of course, I changed the directions some--didn't have waxed linen thread, so used wire instead, which I like to use for book binding anyways, and didn't have book cloth so I just used a scrap of canvas. I gessoed the (red) canvas when I gessoed the covers, then painted over it. I love how the canvas ended up looking.

Only change I would make in the process is that I would paint the pages with watercolor/acrylics BEFORE binding. It was hard waiting for pages to dry so I could paint other pages. I'll be collaging over them as well as drawing and writing, but painting the pages is kind of the 'first step' and I'd have like to have done it more quickly.

I'll post pictures of the pages as I go so you can watch the fun.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Karen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Oooo, I have to make one of these.

Leah said...

oh, this looks simply fabulous!!

Lynn said...

This looked like great fun.
Excited to see what becomes of these pages. What life you put into them. thanks for sharing.
Are the gals in the gallery show now?YET?YES?

Kikipotamus said...

FUN! I want to see more!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i love seeing projects like this progress

Cestandrea said...

Great journal, love the photos which show us your colours and process, thanks for sharing. It looks yummy:)

holly said...

This looks so awesome! I love what you did. I always end up improvising too, why waste time running out to buy a certain thing when you can make do at home? Great work!