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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Big Bash

Katie begged for a birthday party this year, being that she's turning the 'big thirteen' and that she's never had a birthday party (yes, you heard right, I'm a seriously derelict mom, apparently). I agreed, on the condition that she do all the cleaning/getting ready/decorating, and that I would provide pizza, sodas, and cake (don't scold me, Sue, I know it's not healthy, but it's EASY, and that's what I was shooting for here).

Today's the big day--she invited all the kids in her class, and 18 of the 20 are coming. The house is clean, Richard and Katie are working on the back porch and yard, and Joel and his friend are (grudgingly, at least on Joel's part) helping. The party goes from 3:30 to 8:30, and the kids are going to play football and volleyball out in the yard, swing on the rope swing, hang out on the back and side patios listening to music and eating and talking, play board games, and (maybe) watch I Am Legend, which Katie says will make everyone cry.

It's going to be an outdoorsy, "play" kind of birthday party, to celebrate Katie's big milestone.

I am so relieved that a) I don't have to hover over them, because I hate doing that and it would only make me nervous, and b) I don't have to structure the party and come up with things for them to do, because I'm not good at that.

Katie the Cruise Director has it all under control. (We used to call her that when she was little, and it still fits :)


Olivia said...

I hope that Katie has a great birthday and a happy, healthy year! Good for you for doing this with and for her, Karen...Birthday blessings, O xxoo

Sue said...

And how was it?

How does a child make it all those years without a party?

Good thing yer selling on etsy... that kid's gonna need at least as much therapy as mine.

Drama Mama said...

How was the party?

I think pizza and cake are just the thing for a party.

Hope everyone had a great time-

tammy vitale said...

playing catch up - you've been a busy bee - love your new art space! Hope Katie's bday was grand. Wow - a teenager. Time flies, yes?

Lynn said...

What an absolutely wonderful plan for a birthday party and aren't you BRAVE inviting 20 to come and having 18 RSVP YES! OY!!!
Love that she thought the movie would make everyone cry. Wonder if that happened?