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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Slumber Party Invasion

Katie's got five girlfriends over tonight for a sleepover. The deal was that she had to clean house and I'd spring for pizza and soda and promise to make cheesy egg casserole for breakfast.

The girls are all here now, and they're sitting down in the family room talking--it sounds like a convention or something--lots of different conversations, lots of laughing, and (probably) lots of storytelling--I just heard something begin with "Oh, you know what my grampa does?"

Jenny got to invite one friend over, provided they stayed out of the big girls' way and weren't too high maintenance. Joel's gone to his best friend's house for the night--didn't have to encourage him to leave.

Such nice sounds, girls talking and having fun...

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Oh Karen, how fun to hear snippets of their conversations...while making cheesey breakfast goodies...I want you to draw and collage a teen convention piece...

I love your collages and was tickled pink when my copies arrived yesterday. I wasn't sure what I'd ordered, thought I was getting ONE of each. Not six. I guess I did not read the info, so am delighted to have a bunch! Thanks again and your packaging worked well. I liked the stamps too!