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Friday, February 15, 2008

Joel's Last Basketball Game

Joel's team had their last game last night. These are some pictures from a few games ago; alas, not taken by me, as Joel would kill me if I stood down by the court snapping pictures...

Oh, and since the last basketball game was last night, the first baseball practice was this morning--Joel started at 8:15 a.m. and finished at 11:50 and loved every second of it...


Maddy said...

Lummy! I feel exhausted just looking at the photos!

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Awesome photos of your son in action! Wow!
And now baseball! Such energy and endurance. Good for him!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Oh my goodness.


Now go and pinch his cheeks for me (I'm sure that'll be appreciated)...

Does someone take after his grandpa?

I care so deeply about sports. I'm so proud for you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots. If you didn't take them, how did you get hold of them? Mom's have their methods, don't they?