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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I've been experimenting lots with my sketching, and I'm amazed at what a difference little choices make! Big eyes or small? Wide-set or close together? Tilted up or tilted down or straight across? And the same with noses and mouths and chins and necks...So this girl looks somewhat different. But when I sketched her, there was just something about her that I liked. (Katie and Jenny say her hair should be white-blond, I'm not sure...Obviously, I still need to paint the background and her clothing and her chair...)

I'm also working on doing hands (for you, Lynn!) and want to start incorporating (maybe) some belongings for the girls...


Elizabeth said...

Groooovy! Liking what you have done so far, and the idea of white blond hair.

Hope you are feeling better. Deep breaths.


Lynn said...

I love seeing the paper laid down before you cover it with (WHAT?)
Paint? Something white?
This one doesn't need hands. They aren't missing they are below the picture line. It's okay.
I just worry about the ones who don't HAVE hands! LOL

ANDREA said...

HI Karen, I love the big size! She looks great with her music-dress and the somewhat distant look in her eyes. Blond or brunette, she'll be beautiful. Have a good creative day

sukipoet said...

Hi Karen. Interesting to see the collage in the initial stages. She's elegant and I love the background papers.

I belong to 52 Books and just did a post about it on my blog. And added the link and badge. However, I couldnt tell anyone how to join if they want to as I can't recall your email address. I clicked on your profile link but it wouldn''t open. Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I'm so not sure about white-blond. As for hands, those are so hard, as are feet. I remember one drawing teacher coming around and praising my work, except for feet. He said, "Kelly, those aren't feet, those are paddles! Paddles, you keep giving them paddles for feet!" Oh, dear.

TammyVitale said...

Ok. I'm really really really loving these women. And as soon as I get back from Philly I am going to start pestering you about selling them, or at least one of them. So ARE you selling them? the original? where? and all that? These are going to make you famous - you wait and see - of if not famous, at least very very prosperous.