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Friday, February 22, 2008

Easelheads Gallery

Yesterday I drove over to Visalia to pick up my paintings at the gallery, Easelheads, where my paintings have been hanging. Susan had left a message that she was repainting the walls and getting ready to hang some new stuff.

I threw a couple of my newer pieces in the car to show her, and off I went.

When I showed her the new pieces, she said, "I'll hang those!" So the one large piece I had up already, plus two other large-ish pieces, are going to be hanging in the new 'show.' Yay!

Plus, she told me that from now on she will be 'curating' the art at Cafe 225, a cool upscale restaurant there in downtown--and she wants to hang my pieces there, too!

And while I was okay with the idea of getting all my canvases and taking them home and that being the end of my "gallery experience," I must admit that this is MUCH MUCH BETTER.


Olivia said...

YAY, Karen!! I am so excited for you! I am glad that more people will get to see your work and be inspired by it as I am! xxoo, O

Nicole said...

Wow, so fun! I have never shown anything in a gallery--it seems like a far-away dreamy, impossible-type thing. :-) I guess I'd best keep painting. I hope you continue to meet with such good success! :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks for your comment (and encouragement). :-)


Elizabeth said...

Yeay! Go Karen! Go Karen! Yes deifinatly MUCH much better :-)))

Mary Richmond said...

Congratulations! It's always nice to share your work with the world. Love your Etsy shop, too!

Ronna said...

Keep up the good work.