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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Windy Saturday Night

Weird weather tonight--very windy, but warm, warmer than is normal this time of year--maybe fifty degrees, tonight? I'm out in the studio, and when the wind gusts it whistles in the window. ooooh.

One of my friends drove up to visit today with her two daughters. Her two and my two all played together--video games, then puzzles and then Monopoly. Richard grilled a tri-tip roast, and I baked potatoes and butternut squash. Good dinner, good company--great day!


lilsurfer44 said...

You are quick! It was weird weather! It isn't like that here though!

Lynn said...

Lovely delicious day. The butternut squash made my mouth water. Nummy. Can see the kids all gathered together, having the kind of indoor fun on a rainy day that makes you glad to be indoors and have an excuse to do this.
Was the fire going as well?
It was in my imagination.