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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stomach Flu

Katie's got a tummy bug tonight; Joel's working on a rough draft of a descriptive paper for his Honors English class--they drew numbers to find the characteristics of the person they have to describe, rough draft due tomorrow, and then they're going to spend this week in the art room, sculpting the person (how cool is that?!?); Jenny's all paranoid about people barfing and is staying as far away from Katie as she possibly can...

and yes, Lynn, there was a big fire in the livingroom where the kids were playing last night. Jacquie and Richard and I ate down in the family room without a fire (much cooler for the 45ish year old women!)

Oh, and a good giggle for all of you out there--Joel was telling me about the characteristics of the person he has to describe--"male, B.C. times, ectomorph body type, middle-aged, you know, like in his twenties, mom..."



AscenderRisesAbove said...

thanks for several chuckles all rolled up into just a few paragraphs

Lynn said...

" in his twenties mom..." Yes I AM LAUGHINGMAF.
I heard you, you are in the cooler part of the room to stay cooler. Well must remember that 45 is a real COOL age! ;-)

Sorry your child has flu. Hope no one else gets it and she'll be all better soon.