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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Untitled Because My Brain's Stuck In Park

Richard's back from his trip to Monterey making a presentation for the State Dept. of Education. At first he was supposed to present from 1-2:30 on Friday, but then they had so many requests to attend his presentation that they moved it to a larger space and made it a ticketed event, lasting from 1-5:30. He said that they sent a camera crew and that they're going to make a videotape about the high school where Richard is Principal, so that more schools can watch it. Pretty cool. He's always been a great teacher, now he's a great leader. I'm proud of him, although I still remember my first year of teaching, when he and a couple of his teacher buddies used to sit in the back of the library during our teacher's meetings and shoot spitwads through the bookshelves at other teachers...

The result of his presentation being lengthened in Monterey was that he couldn't get back for Joel's game last night. It was an away game, ~45 minutes away, but the girls and I went, and DIDN'T GET LOST! Hooray! Joel's team won by two. Richard was up at 5 a.m. this morning to drive home from Monterey so that he could get to Katie's NJB game (he's the coach). He made it back for the 11:15 game, and her team won a close one, as well. So the Smitheys are 2 for 2 this weekend, and now we're snuggled in to enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow. Richard's Colts play tomorrow--He's been a die hard Colts and Orioles fan ever since his first Little League team was the Orioles, back in 1963 (which, incidentally, is the year I was born. I remind him of this age gap every chance I get).

I'm down in the studio, doing a little bit of cleaning and listening to music. I've definitely gotten out of the painting rhythm with everyone home the last three weeks, although I have definitely been creative every day, organizing the studio, drawing, and working through some Photoshop Lessons...

But I definitely feel 'stuck in Park' today. Just not much get up and go, so I think I'm going to curl up on my little loveseat down here in the studio and read To Kill A Mockingbird, which I haven't read for probably 20 years. Joel read it last semester in English, which inspired me. (He said, very seriously, "I think you'll like it, Mom. It's a good book.")

So off to snuggle up with Abby the dog and read to my heart's content, or at least until someone needs something up in the house...


Lynn said...

I loved *underline Loved* reading about your family. You must be very proud of your DH. I wonder what is special about his school? Tell more perhaps?
My DH is a sixth grade teacher in his sixth year of teaching (later in life career change) today I heard him talking to others at a party we attended about his rocketry class (elective) and I was so impressed! He's usually to tired to tell me about stuff when he comes home at 7 PM each night.
But I am proud of him too.

How long did you teach and what grades, subjects?

Congrats to your athlete kids and their teams!

Cute about your son suggesting the book for you to read. That one is a good read, I do like seeing the movie over again.

Thanks for sharing so much.

Elizabeth said...

You must be rightly proud of your husband, and your kids, and yourself too I hope.
I joined the 52 books blog, but am not sure how I will do at reading very much. I usually over commit myself. Pleased to be invited though, thanks! :-)

sukipoet said...

Hi off topic but trying to join the other blog 52 books and although I post my email address no word from you. How can your email address be simply My email at gmail won't allow me to email to an address without an @

sukipoet said...

smithey is what I meant