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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Quick Note

Last day of vacation for the rest of the family--me, too, if I wanted to be on vacation from working down in the studio, but I don't. I love my family, love my kids, but I love the work I'm doing right now and have really missed it.

Joel came down to the studio tonight for an hour or so. He was on the computer while I messed around with stamps and paint and glue. He brought his Ipod down here, along with the ?I-Home? that looks like an alarm clock but has speakers for the Ipod. He played a bunch of John Mayer songs for me--"I thought you'd like these, Mom."--and we had a very pleasant time.

He talked Richard into going and getting Mexican food at the local place--"Mom needs a break, Dad."--so I don't have to bake chicken and make veggies and salad, at least not tonight!

See, 14-year-old boys can be very sweet.

But, shhhh. Don't tell him I said that!


Lynn said...

Karen that is very sweet indeed. Lucky you!!!!

Would you please send Suki what you sent me but write your email address as it is to be written...@ instead of at and . instead of dot.
Thanks. Then if she has the address you sent me she can get in.

TammyVitale said...

had to stop by and realized I need to catch up so hung around and read've been having a busy life! and yes, 14 year old boys can be sweet and can grow up and even be sweet and in between, they can be everything else, and we still love them 'cause they're ours. Love the piece on stitching...are you going to put the stories with the pictures ever or do they just get stories here?