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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lots of Basketball

I've been to three basketball games in the last 24 hours--Katie's school game, yesterday (she made the A Team!) then Joel's JV game last night, and then Katie's NJB game this morning. Then we had to hurry home (20 minute drive) so she could shower quickly, then drove her back to town (another 20 minute drive) to a bowling/pizza birthday party for one of her very best friends (who also happens to be a boy, which they get a lot of grief over).

So I went grocery shopping after I dropped her off--

But now I have a HORRIBLE headache. I took two Excedrin, but no relief yet. Richard's going to build me a toasty fire in the living room, and I'm going to lay very very still until I feel better.

Of course, Jenny's having a friend over to spend the night, and Katie's bringing one of her girlfriends home from the party to spend the night...

But for now, I'm just going to huddle in front of the fire and bake myself.


Lynn said...

Bravo to the kids athletic proess. And to you for being such a good supportive parent.

Karen a while ago you mentioned the Asilamar Art and Soul. I still need to look it up. Thanks for considering me a "friend" to have go too. That did touch my heart.
I have thought of going to Porland in October I think it is. Is the Asil amar a week long thing or just a weekend?

ANDREA said...

Hi Karen, I admire you because you still find time to create in between all the caring for your family! And your paintings are so beautiful, hope- and thoughtful, too. I hope you are better now and that the headache is gone!