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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm a Little Bit Country, A Little Bit OCD... You Think?

Last night the whole family sat down with bowls of homemade vegetable soup and watched the beginning of the fourth season of "24" on DVD. At one point, someone is kidnapped and the kidnappers put TAPE OVER THIS PERSON'S MOUTH.

I could not get that image out of my mind. Hours later, lying in bed, it was all I could think about.

You see, I have fairly severe allergies, bad enough that most of the time, I breathe through my mouth. My nose is always stuffed up.I laid there in the dark and tried breathing only through my nose. It didn't work.

I finally woke Richard up. "Richard?" No response. "Richard?" A grunt. So I poke him. "Richard?"


"If someone ever tapes my mouth shut, I'll suffocate."

"Whut? Huh?"

"Richard! This is important! If I ever get kidnapped, and they tape my mouth shut, I won't be able to breathe! I'LL SUFFOCATE!"


"Yes, I'll die! I won't be able to breathe!"

"Uh, okay. Suffocate. Tape on your mouth. Yeah."


"I understand. Tape, can't breathe."


"Love you, Karen. No tape. Don't get kidnapped. Don't suffocate. But...go to sleep, okay?"

See why I love him? I still think it's amazing we've been married for twenty-one years... What a guy.


Mercer's Daughter said...

Just make sure you always have lots of lip gloss on and the tape won't stick.
Victoria :)
ps. I've been married 25 years and have woke up my husband probably around 1,000 times to quiet my fears/nerves. I can relate! He's always been sweet about it tho (thank goodness).

Anonymous said...

Twenty-one years? That's downright inspiring.

Lynn said...

Oh Karen, what a scary thought.
Sweet Richard is sure there for you, good guys are great to find.
The chances of you being kidnapped are pretty slim. Are you billionaires? I doubt it, I've seen your goats. Stop worrying.
But just in case do wear lots of lip gloss. Love it.

Olivia said...

Great story, Karen. Congratulations on being married for 21 YEARS to a patient and loving man. xxoo, O

gkgirl said...

you will shudder through
rendition then,
if you ever happen to watch that...
(reese witherspoon, i forget who else)...

great story though
and found you via create everyday

Sue Doe-Nim said...

That wasn't worth waking him up?

He's very lucky to have you. I might not have let him go back to sleep.

Drama Mama said...

21 years?

Amazing. Totally understandable why it's been 21 years.


Drama Mama said...

21 years?

Amazing. Totally understandable why it's been 21 years.