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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I don't have very much to say today--a storm is supposed to roll in this afternoon, so as soon as the girls are home (any minute now) I'm going to go up to the house and build a nice crackly fire so we can hang out while they do their homework.

I'm working on some more changes to the blog, but have to plan them out first, so I'll work on that in my sketchbook while the girls work.

Downloaded some cool fonts today at and lots of free fonts there--go check it out!


Maddy said...

Ooo you are brave. I never fiddle with fonts or my template as I'm scared I'll disappear into middle Earth.....or somewhere worse!

Anonymous said...

I'm a total font freak. I once spent four hours online just downloading fonts. One of my faves is Kristen ITC. Well, really my absolute favourite is the one you used for my blog banner!

Lynn said...

I've been waiting for that darn storm all day today. Didn't come...or it's just now on its way...had a nice productive day inside with cloth.