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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal, original mixed media painting by Karen Smithey, 6"x8" on gallery stretched canvas.


Olivia said...

Karen, You have captured hope on a face like this! Sadness and optimism at the same time. You are truly gifted! Wow, O

Kelly J said...

Something about the way she holds her head makes me think she's a very strong person. I think she'll wait as long as it takes for whatever she's hoping for ...

This one really speaks to me, both visually and with the word choices.


Lynn said...

It's so important to hold on to has been springing for me lately. Your drawing/painting/collage says it all. Great one. But then, they ALL ARE!

ANDREA said...

Catching up with your posts right now, and I love this one, the background colours are "springy" and the expression of hope is there in this face. Lovely
Take care