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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh My

I feel as though I've done something disgraceful by not blogging every day for the last few weeks, but it's been a real whirlwind of activity around here, what with art and writing and sick kiddies!

I currently have nine (count 'em, nine!) pieces hanging in a gallery, Easelheads, in Visalia. Wow. Just writing that seems so amazing, and it all happened so quickly! But this was like a chain reaction, causing a whole bunch of other work to pop up unexpectedly. For one thing, the gallery owner wanted me to create some larger pieces. Then I had to create a catalog of my work, print it and bind it. Then came the Artist Statement, along with two (small) newspaper articles. I still have to provide a photo of me, working, for one of the local papers. I'm dragging my feet because I don't want a picture of me, but a picture of the art. I'm don't like pictures of me--Oh, and they want one for the gallery, too.

So I'm busy making art--have definitely done something creative every day this month, but haven't taken the time to blog--I've tried to get 'round and catch up on all my 'bloggy' friends, but haven't made time to comment. I know I should have made time for that.

Add this all to the fact that we've had kids with sniffly, coughy colds, and Richard with some kind of back problems (which they now say may be arthritis), and Joel making the JV basketball team at school, and yucky board meetings (are there any other kind, anymore?) and I have been very busy and very neglectful.

Bad, bad, bad Karen.

But I'm back on track, I think. Thanksgiving was great, always one of my favorite holidays, and this year Thanksgiving fell on November 22nd, my birthday! So I'm now 44 years and 3 days old... We stuck candles in the pumpkin pie. I remember hating that when I was little--now I like pumpkin pie better than cake, anyway. Sigh. Old age...


Olivia said...

Congratulations, Karen!
Happy Birthday, Karen!
I have two more things to say:
1. You're not old.
2. You're not bad.

Love, O

Leah said...

no, you're not bad at all, karen! you're great! i'm super excited for all the creative goodness goin on in your life!! congrats!! i love the top artwork. xoxo

Kikipotamus said...

Karen, you have nothing for which to apologize!!! Congratulations on having those works hanging, the artist's statement and catalogue done. I am sorry to hear of Richard's back problems. You're amazing just to have made it through in one piece, what with kids' coughs and colds and Thanksgiving, never mind commenting on blogs or blogging. We are still here whenever you are rested up.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Marvelous expression on the woman with the really invokes "oh my".

Lynn said...

Wow, Pow, Zowie! Congrats on the BIG showing in the gallery! Awesome news. NINE!!!
Why not a drawing of yourself!? Think that would please them?
Happy Birthday! What a gift you have and got!
Hope the kids are all better and DH too.
Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddy said...

Aha! Well done you. Larger pieces for the gallery seems like a good tip [especially if you also get 'larger' prices - although it probably doesn't work like that]

Glad you had a happy birthday although I'm not sure I'd be terribly happy with candles in a pumpkin pie!