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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Work

"I Call It Home," mixed media painting, original by Karen Smithey. 8" x 10" gallery stretched canvas.

The speed of life (not light) seems to be increasing too much around here! Katie has chorus this afternoon until 4:20, Jenny's done with school at 3, and Joel has his first high school basketball game tonight! Unfortunately, it's almost an hour's drive to the game, so the girls and I won't be going. That makes me sad--I love watching him play. On the up side, there are LOTS more games, half of which are at home.

All the basketball players have to dress up on game days, so he went off to school this morning in dress pants, shirt and tie--looked very spiffy! I took a pic of him with his camera, so will share it later.

I swear he was just a pudgy little baby. Just yesterday.

His dress pants from 8th grade graduation last spring were a little bit too small, so I had to take them apart and let them out a little. He was very sweet and said "Thanks so much, Mom, for all this help," which was nice. I'll have to get a new pair of pants for him, though, since he'll have games twice a week until February.

Going to make homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight--yum. Cold day here (40 when I took girls to school this morning). I'll build a fire when the girls get home. Hot soup, a warm fire, and good company--sounds like a perfect evening.

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Kikipotamus said...

A fire sounds so nice. It's been ages since I've sat in front of a real wood-burning fire.