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Monday, October 01, 2007


When my sister and I were little, we'd put on shows for my mom and dad. They'd have to tune the "TV" to channel 13 to watch "The Glance Hansen Show." We performed in the archway between the entryway and the livingroom. I was always Glance Hansen (much more glamorous than Karen Hansen, don't you think?) and my sister was Glance's lovely co-host, Muira (pronounced MYOO-RAH). This morning, the girl in this painting named herself. She's Muira.


Angela said...


Elizabeth said...

and what a delightful, happy girl she is... utterly charming!

So VERY, VERY happy that you are going to join in with "The Big Draw" too ... teehee, what fun!!

Quick disclaimer already... I've only mananged a small sketch today, 'cos I'm all full of cold and feel yucky. Hope to do better tomorrow.
Yipppeeeeee - Karen's coming out to play :-)