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Monday, October 01, 2007

Break-Out Blogger Award! For Me!

Sweet Maddy over at Whitterer on Autism has kindly awarded me a Break-Out Blogger award! I'm very excited, and now I get to pass this along to some other wonderful bloggers.

First, to Sue Doe-Nim--never a dull moment there. She always speaks her mind; an admirable quality that I don't always manage to possess...

Second, to Elizabeth, who has really been on a roll lately with all her sketching (but who, I hear, has a nasty cold today--get better soon!)

Third, to Kelly over at Kikipotamus the Hobo. She's funny, smart, loving and seems to live thoughtfully, a quality I'm trying to work on...

And last, to Tammy Vitale, whose wisdom and talent are irresistible.

Of course, if there were no limits to how many I could list, I'd just point you to my sidebar Blogroll--

For information on how to nominate your own Break-Out Blogger Awards, simply click on the link above.

I always feel like Sally Fields--"You like me, you like me! You really like me!" Yay!


Elizabeth said...

Yes of course I REALLY LIKE YOU! Yeh!
Thanks for the award Karen, I am very humble and honoured... thank you!

By the way, I just did something that ABSOLUTELY terrified me witless... I just put a link to my blog on the Saatchi Gallery Website! Arrgghhh! I wish I could back and alter it a bit but I can't (really annoying) but it is done now. Very uncomfortable & scary 'cos in my head I'm not a 'real' artist and not good enough to be there.

thank you for inspring me and praising me and generally being fab.

Hugs, Lizzi

tammy vitale said...

Karen: thanks for the love. =]
I'm breaking out of vacation and your blog is the first....but then how could I resist when you left me a love note on mine?

Thanks for joining in on the contest!

Olivia said...

Congratulations, Karen...HIP HIP HOORAY! You definitely deserve this award, and more :) Cheers, Olivia

Sue Doe-Nim said...

I'm so flattered that I'm speechless.

And that NEVER happens.

Kikipotamus said...

Thank you, Karen. This is encouraging to me.